Champagnepapi’s long-standing friendship with Chrome hearts is no surprise to his fans, from the custom jersey he was seen wearing during the “Laugh Now Cry Later Video to his Rolex with the Chrome Hearts moniker. What this relationship between the artist and the brand gave birth to most recently has taken the world by storm. Chrome Hearts and Rolls Royce collaborated to create one Cullinan.

Right off the bat, the iconic spirit of ecstasy that adorns the hood of every Rolls has been replaced with a triple cemetery cross, and the wheels also bear the Chrome Hearts Logo with the words “Fuck You” engraved in a gothic script. The interiors have not been spared either. With all leather everything, the SUV screams Chrome Hearts. This vehicle took a year to get to where it is now, from a bespoke key pouch to ac knobs, quilted seats, and more embellishments.
Laurie Lynn Stark, co-owner of Chrome hearts, agrees the vehicle was no simple task, unlike a watch or jacket. Each decision was pondered upon and meticulously considered to make it a functional, working piece of art. This is precisely why the Rolls will be up on display at the Contemporary Art Museum in Miami.

One of One Cullinan aside, what’s got us at CU excited is the capsule collection Drake and the brand have created just in time for his “Certified Lover Boy” album. From Chrome Hearts Grails like the Cross- Patchwork Denim to hoodies in various shades. The CLB capsule will also have a teddy bear, day planner, keychains, and a face roller; all of the things you need to be a Certified Lover Boy. The Miami Chrome Hearts store will be the only location where the capsule is made available. While extremely limited and scarce, we’re inclined to believe this won’t be the last time we see the collaborative efforts of these two greats.

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