Question What is underdog?
AnswerUnderdog is a specially curated platform created to promote the culture of streetwear & sneakers. We aim at reaching this culture to every part of the country and ensure that anybody who follows this culture, has an access to the latest and most popular sneakers and streetwear. We sell and buy goods on this website.
Question How to find out the condition of used goods ?
AnswerWhen you want to buy used goods from underdog, you can email us at reach@copunderdog.com . We will reply to you with a detailed report of the shoes condition.
Question What does the pricing depend up ?
AnswerThe price of the shoe varies with the demand of sizes and availability of the shoe in the market.
Question Do we sell gift cards ?
AnswerYes, Underdog sells gift cards. Email us at  reach@copunderdog.com  to know more about the gift cards.
Question How to redeem gift cards ?
AnswerGift cards brought at underdog are only valid in our website.  One has to redeem these cards within 45 days of issue.

Delivery & return

Question How long does it take for any order to ship ?
AnswerWe like it fast and nice. We take around 3-4 working days for all Indian domestic shippings. Additional time maybe required for promotional sales & release drops.
Question Do we provide different shipping options ?
AnswerNo, underdog does not provide different shipping options.  We have only one standard shipping for all goods.
Question Can the address of the order be changed ?
AnswerOnce the order has been placed, no detail can be changed. The Address cannot be changed or altered once the order has been  placed.
Question Can the model, size or colourway be changed?
AnswerNo, the model, size & colourway cannot be changed after order is placed.
Question What is our return policy ?
AnswerRight now we do not support return or refund on our products
Question How to track my order ?
AnswerYou can receive details about order shipment by emailing us at support@copunderdog.com