Privacy Policy

Underdog commits to protect your privacy against all odds.


We collect your data so as to be able to refine your search and help you pick your best suited pair quickly and easily
Your data is for sure not going to be used for anything else.

Third party websites

This privacy policy applies only and only to our website and not to any links or pages that appear via our page.

What data do we collect?

We collect and hold back basic information such as email, phone number and email address. Through this, we send in our newsletters, offers and promotional information . We do not hold back any information regarding payment, shipping or billing addresses
Do note: This information may or may not be held back by the payment and delivery processors for regulatory purposes


Customers and their information is very valuable to us and we stand viable to all the data you provide. We regularly assure to monitor our data servers to ensure security from potential threats to privacy. We only hold on to your basic information until you have an account with us. For enquiries and privacy hampering complaints, contact us at our email

We hold all rights to change our privacy policy and we assure to inform you via the newsletters and the page.